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A few weeks ago Chris and I had an offer accepted on a flat we were really interested in. We were so happy once it was accepted and now it looks like everything is go on our new flat now. With our mortgage offer confirmed and solicitors in place it’s all starting to move very quickly! It’s all very exciting thinking about our new life together, and discussing how we’re going to decorate. I’ve even made board on Pinterest for house inspiration, and I wish my flat could look as pretty as some of the photos on there. Although it’s good fun looking at Pinterest, it’s time to seriously think about some of the furniture we need.

As we currently live with my parents we don’t really have a lot of furniture. We have a few bits of bedroom furniture to take with us, and we’ve already got a TV. But we don’t have anything practical like a sofa, or a washing machine. It’s scary to think just how much we need to buy, and how much money so pieces of furniture can be! One piece of furniture we need is a new bed. Although we’ve already got a bed here at my parents, I want to buy a new bed for our flat. It’ll be really nice to be in our new flat, with our new furniture, plus it means I can come back and stay with my parents if needs be. Problem is I don’t know the first thing when it comes to looking for beds, having always lived at home its something my parents have always sorted out for me. So I decided to have a look online to see what sort of beds are about, and how much a new bed would cost us. 

As we’re only going to be living in a small flat we don’t want to buy a huge bed that will take up the whole room, although I love the idea of giant super king bed! I’m thinking of something practical, perhaps even with storage underneath, and of course one that still looks pretty in our bedroom. Chris on the other hand has other plans for our bed. Being 6″6 he wants a bed he can actually fit in, and maybe even stretch out in, and is trying to convince me to get a made to measure bed for him. Although we can’t agree on bed frame choices, we’ve at least agreed on our mattress, memory foam. We currently have a memory foam mattress at my parents and it’s amazing, especially when I’m having trouble with my joints. As we’re leaving our bed at my parents, we’re looking at buying a new one, and as we know exactly what we’re after we’ve decided to buy one online at Mattress Next Day. They have a great range of memory foam mattresses, in all sorts of sizes, so even though we can’t agree on a bed frame right now, we know there will be one in the right size. Although we’ve not got much further with the rest of our furniture choices, at least we’ve decided on a mattress so there’ll be something we can sleep on!
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