Slip Into Summer – Update #3

I’m now into the third month of my Slip Into Summer challenge with DW Fitness and Weird Fish, it’s scary how quickly this has gone! Now that we’re in month three everything’s stepped up a game. The workouts are harder, and the diet is stricter, and as it’s the last month of the challenge I’m really hoping to see some results. Only a month left to go, and I really want to lose some serious weight and fit into my pretty Weird Fish dress!

Recently I’ve been finding the challenge tough since I fell off the wagon, which I talked about in my first update a few weeks ago, but the past two weeks I’ve found myself in love with the programme again. I’ve even enjoyed working out, which is a first for me! I’m even starting to feel the benefits from my gym sessions, I’m feeling happier, I’m sleeping better, and I’m generally feeling a whole load better. As I’ve had a good couple of weeks on the plan I was hoping to see some good results once I weighed myself, especially as I put on weight in my last update. So I was pretty gutted when I put on half a pound this week. I know half a pound isn’t much, but I just don’t understand how, I’ve been tracking everything I ate, I’ve been doing my workouts, and I’ve really been sticking to the plan. 

For a minute I was feeling pretty down about the whole thing again, and how I wouldn’t fit into my pretty new dress at the end of the challenge, but then I decided to take a look at my measurements at the start of the challenge, and compare them to where I am now: 

Chest: 2cm lost
Upper arms: 2cm lost
Waist: 5cm lost
Hips: 5cm lost
Left Thigh: 1cm lost
Right Thigh: +3cm 
Left Calf: 1cm lost 
Right Calf: no change

Although the scales haven’t been good, my measurements are showing a different story! I’m so pleased I’ve lost 5cm off my waist and hips, as those are the areas I hate the most. It’s good to see all my workouts are starting to pay off, and with only a month to go it’s time to really up my game. I’m looking forward to seeing a few more cm’s coming off, and hopefully next week I’ll finally lose some weight!

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