My Nail Varnish Have Got A New Home! & I Need Your Ideas!

Over time my nail varnish collection has grown and grown, resulting my nail polishes outgrowing their old home. While I’ve been home over the summer its been okay because I store them all in my dolls house which you can see here. But as I’m going back to uni in a few weeks time, I’m in need of a new way of storing my nail polishes.
So yesterday I went to IKEA with my mum and brother, as he had to pick up all his stuff for uni when I came across these.
Two storage boxes for £2.99! Now their not the prettiest of boxes, well compared to my other cupcake themed storage boxes, but they’ll do the job. Okay so their meant to be storage boxes for CD’s but I decided their the perfect size for my nail polishes. IKEA only had them in a few colours, and I was umming and ahhing between the black or the white, but decided the white was a little too grubby, so black was much better.
When I bought them my mum was saying how I didn’t need two boxes blah, as there wasn’t enough to fill the two boxes – o how wrong was she! So in the first box I have all my colours, and in the second box is my Barry M Nail Effects, Models Own Smash Up, Glittery Top Coat, and other top coats/base coats/Seche Vite, along with my LUSH Lemony flutter, another cuticle oil, and my Soap & Glory Hand Food. ANNNDDD there’s still room for more nail polishes!
I’m quite happy I’ve found my nail polish a new home, and its not too big so I can stack them up on my shelves when I move back to uni. Although I do love my nail polishes new home, I’m sad they’ve outgrown their old one – Look at how pretty the little box is!
I don’t really know what to do with it now, but I don’t want to leave it behind. 
So ladies, do any of you have any suggestions on what I can do with this little box?
 Comments please!

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