Rouge Dior Baurme Lipstick in LYS Rouge

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Lately I’ve been really into red lipsticks, but I’m still searching for my one signature red shade. For the longest time I’ve been stood in boots swatching away at any red lipstick I can get my hands on, but I still can’t find the one for me. Being a rather pale girl I don’t want anything too dark, just something bright that I can wear on a daily basis. Recently I had bit of a haul at Dior, where I first picked up Dior’s Star Foundation, and I was so impressed with it that a few days later I went back in search of my red lipstick. I must have looked confused at all the different shades of lipsticks, as a lovely sales assistant came over to help me almost straight away! Dior is still a fairly new brand to me, and I’ve only just started using their products, so I don’t know a lot about them, so I’m very glad the sales assistant was there to help.
I was looking for a bright red lipstick that I could wear on a daily basis without it being too over the top. I explained this to the assistant, who seemed to know exactly what I meant. She suggested I tried out the Rouge Dior Baurme Lipsticks, and showed me a few different shades before trying LYS Rouge on me. Once she applied the colour I fell in love, it was like I’d finally found the one I’d been looking for. It comes as a rather sheer lipstick, so it doesn’t feel like the colour is too solid, and can be applied to give you just a small amount of colour, or applied thinker for something a bit bolder. The lipstick as also really moisturising, and the assistant told me it’s perfect for the colder months as it won’t dry out your lips, and it feels really sleek and easy to apply. After seeing how it looked on me I knew I had to buy it, and £26 later I left Dior with a shiny new lipstick.
I don’t have many ‘high end’ lipsticks, just a handful of MAC and my YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Lipstick, so this one feels rather treasured to me. I’ve worn this a few times now and I’ve had some great compliments on how it looks, so I’m rather happy thinking that I’ve finally found my signature red shade, and I’m really rather impressed with Dior lipsticks! Thank goodness I’m on a spending ban hey..

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