Primark Does Make-up? My Hearts Desire Shimmer Blush Hearts

On a recent trip to my local Primark (I say local but I live 20 miles away from a town..), I discovered that Primark sell make-up now? Yes I might be very slow on this, but as I said I live ages away from a town and I’ve hardly been in Primark recently. I went in on the mission for a tanning mit – £2 bargin! and came across the ‘make-up counter’ in Primark, Although it is only basic make-up products I decided to pick one up and give it ago. I picked up the ‘My Hearts Desire Shimmer Blush Hearts’ which cost me a whole £1 so I decided if it was rubbish, its not like I’ve spent a fortune on it.
The blush is made up of these heart shaped blusher balls which I thought was really cute looking. The idea then being that you crush it up into a powder to use as a blusher. I really wasn’t expecting great things from this, but never the less I crushed up one of the little hearts.
The hearts are quite large, so I’ve found I only actually need half of the heart, if that, to get the right amount of blusher for my face. Once I’d crushed it up I used my blusher brush to apply the powder on to my face. 
Primark, I’m so sorry for doubting your ability to make make-up products. I must say I was actually really impressed with this. Yes its not the most amazing blusher in the world, but its really good for £1! As you can see from the photo it gives my face a nice shimmery glow to it, rather than more colour that some blushers do. I actually love it and I think I’ll be using it more for an ‘everyday’ look instead of some of my other blushers. As it only cost me £1 I think I’ll be repurchasing this, and maybe give a go to a couple more Primark products.
Have you used any Primark beauty products?
What do you think?

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