Mission Healthy Eating/ Loose Weight

For a while now I’ve been a little unhappy about my weight. Since starting uni in September I’ve found I’ve put on a bit of weight, and that my eating habits have got worse. I’ve also started drinking a lot more than I used to, and frequently have the odd cheeky take away. I’ve noticed that a lot of the time instead of having proper meals I’ll just snack on things instead. Its got to the point where I’ve noticed some of my old clothes I haven’t worn in a while are just that tiny bit too tight. 
I’ve tried diet and exercise before, but can never find a diet I stick to. About a year ago I used to go to the gym around 4 times a week, and then it dropped down to once a week, then to none at all. I always thought ‘I’ll start again tomorrow’, but it just never happens.
Well I’ve decided to give it a try all over again, and I plan on sticking to it. I’ve rejoined my local gym and I start there again on Wednesday, and I plan on going around 3 or 4 times a week at least. Instead of taking up a crash diet I’m going to change things about my eating habits so hopefully I’ll stick to them! 
Here’s what I plan on doing – 
  • Drink plenty of water, around 1.5 – 2 litres a day
  • Cut out suger in my tea
  • Cut out fast food
  • Make sure I always have a good breakfast
  • Cut out fast food
  • Go to the gym at least 3 times a week
  • Walk more
  • Turn bad snacking into good snacking (e.g. an apple instead of crisps!)
I think these are changes I can do, and they don’t seem to impossible! I’m not going to completely cut out crisps, chocolate and other things I enjoy, I’m just not going to eat them as much, and try to eat fruit instead! 
Fingers crossed I’ll stick to this!

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