A New Love – Yankee Candle – Midnight Jasmine

I’ve always been a lover of scented candles, and for ages and ages now I’ve wanted a Yankee Candle. I hear them raved about all the time, and as a big lover of scented candles, I thought their large selection of scented candles would be perfect for me.

Yankee Candle Jar
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I actually picked this candle up in ‘Midnight Jasmine’ for my boyfriend’s birthday, as he shares a love of scented candles with me, but I keep finding myself burning it – oops! I stood in Clinton Cards for ages sniffing every Yankee Candle until I picked up this medium jar for around £16. I thought the smell was absolutely divine! It has a lovely fresh sweet floral scent, which isn’t too strong or overpowering, making it perfect to leave it burning for hours. We’ve been burning this in the front room while we watch T.V. and even our housemates have commented on what a lovely smell it is. Even though it may be rather pricey, the medium jar apparently burns for 65-90 hours, so you’ll definitely get a lot out of it! And apparently the large jars have a burn time of 110-15o hours for only £3 more. I know that when I’ve burnt this one out (and it might be soon at the rate I’m going with it!), I’ll definitely be buying another Yankee Candle. I quite liked the scent of Beach Wood and Warm Spice, so maybe I’ll be sticking them on my Yankee Candle wish list ;).

What are you’re favourite Yankee Candles?
Yankee Candle Jar

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