October Goals Revisited

At the beginning of October I blogged about my goals for the month. Since then October seems to have completely whizzed by, and now it’s November I can completely focus on all things Christmas! While I’ve been really busy this past month, I’ve completely forgotten what I set out to achieve in October, so now’s a good a time as any to look what and see if I’ve achieved my goals!

Lose half a stone
Ha no. I found myself struggling with my Slimming World group, and felt like I had no support at all, so decided to leave. I’ve now changed group, run by the lovely Em, so I’m hoping things will change soon!

Read two books
I actually managed this one! I haven’t read a book properly in what feels like a long time, so to have managed to read two this month feels like an achievement!

Get into a regular gym routine
Nope. With me and a friend I go to the gym with having been ill a lot this month, our personal training sessions have been delayed, and I haven’t managed to get to the gym any other time. 

Finish my current knitting project
Sadly not. With a super busy month, and a lot of my evenings spent either at the gym or doing some extra work, I haven’t had much of a chance to do my knitting. Hoping to work on lots more crafts with Christmas coming up!

Try some new recipes 
I have! I’ve cooked some really lovely things over the past month, and I’ve developed a new love for my slow cooker and making curries!

If you had any goals for October have you managed to achieve them? 

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