Celebrate In Style With Dress 2 Party*

It’s very rare that I attend fancy dos where I need to dress up, but recently I’ve been invited to a couple of black tie events. While I love nothing more than dressing up all fancy, and swanning around all evening in a full length dress, the difficulty of finding a dress for the occasion can be quite stressful. You’d think it would be easy to pop down to your local high street, and find yourself a fancy dress for the occasion, but no. I have lost countless hours searching from shop to shop, trying to find an occasion dress. I find that usually nearer to Christmas time it’s easier, as the majority of people have fancy work do’s to head to, but when I was looking for a dress for a wedding in August, all I could find were pretty little summer dresses.

Recently I’ve heard of Dress 2 Party, who have recently opened a prom dress shop in Belfast, as well as their 4 other existing stores in the UK. Dress 2 Party stock several occasion dresses, prom dresses, and cocktail dresses, so it’s bound to be that they have something for any upcoming formal event.

Their 5 boutique stores all have a large collection of dresses, with fully trained and experienced staff to help you to find the perfect dress to suit you, and the event you’re attending. A lot of the dresses are suitable for international pageants, and many of the staff have competed in these themselves, so can be very understanding towards your needs. Dress 2 Party are also the biggest and most exclusive supplier of designer prom dresses from Sherri Hill dresses and Jovani dresses in the UK, meaning they have more styles and colours in store and online, than you’ll find elsewhere. As well as supplying pretty dresses, Dress 2 Party also have payment plans available, to help make your dress a little more affordable.

It’s a shame I don’t have any more fancy events lined up to buy a dress for, but when I do have an excuse for a new dress I’m going to have to give their London store a look at, especially as it’s only a short(ish) drive away from me!

Where do you usually look when you need a new dress? Have you tried Dress 2 Party before?

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