The Alchemist Manchester

When me and mum went on our recent weekend away to Manchester, after a long day at the Coronation Street Tour we decided we very much needed cocktails. I mean it’s not a girl’s weekend away without cocktails right? Someone had recommended The Alchemist to my mum saying their cocktails were pretty amazing. After a quick search we found it was only around the corner from where we were staying, so of course we had to give it a visit for some pre-dinner cocktails.   

The Alchemist also has a restaurant as well as bar, but we already had plans for dinner elsewhere so just popped in for a few drinks. For the first cocktail of the night my mum chose a Kir Royale, which was made by adding ‘some magic’, so that the prosecco slowly changed to the colour you can see in the photograph, which was pretty fun to watch. I picked the Flavour Changing One, because I was really curious how a drink could change flavour. It started as apple and raspberry, and slowly changed to a minty taste, and then back again. HOW?!

After being amazed by the first drink we had to have a second one. This time I chose a Cinnamon Apple cocktail, which was deliciously gingerbready and cinnamony, which would be the perfect Christmas cocktail. Feeling a bit more adventurous my mum picked the Colour Changing One, which kept slowly changing from pink to purple. By this point the cocktails had gone to our head a little, so we were quite amazed by this. 

There’s so many cocktails available on the menu, I wish I could have had a chance to try them all. It was also great fun sitting at the bar and watching the bar staff make some of the more interesting drinks! 

Have you been to The Alchemist before? What interesting drinks did you get?

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