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My other half is a huge coffee lover. He frequently brews coffee beans at the weekend, making our small little flat smell amazing. I’ve never been a huge coffee drinker, I like the occasional Starbucks or an instant coffee if I need an afternoon pick me up. However, you can really taste the difference between real good ground coffee beans, and the usual instant stuff you can pick up at Tescos. Being a lover of good coffee, my other half was pretty excited when Hope & Glory got in touch and asked if I wanted to sample some of their coffee’s. 

Hope & Glory are a start-up company selling delicious, freshly roasted, coffees online, as well as a range of brewing equipment and merchandise. While they might be a start-up, they certainly know what they’re talking about, with the Hope & Glory team having over 30 years of experience between them, as well as having visited several coffee origins from all over the globe. They kindly sent me over a couple of their ground coffee flavours to have a try.

The first coffee I tried was the Blenheim Espresso Blend, which is Hope & Glory’s most popular option. This is a medium dark espresso, created from a blend of coffee beans from Brazil, Kenya and Sumatra. Hope & Glory describes this one as “plum jam acidity and butterscotch sweetness are back up by a big old spoonful of melted high-cocoa-content chocolate”. I usually drink my coffee with a small dash of milk, but to experience the full taste of the coffee I decided to drink it black. You can definitely taste the distinctive cocoa taste in this coffee, and it really packs a punch. A great coffee if you need a pick me up!

The second coffee I was sent was the Kenya Gathongo, sourced from the Eastern Slopes of Mount Keyna in the Nyambene Hills, making this an excellent example of Kenyan coffee. Hope & Glory have described this one as “boasting sugared shortbread sweetness and winey forest fruit acidity, this zingy, refreshing coffee is packed full of fruit-like flavour”. This coffee is quite different from the first, but still tastes just as amazing. I found it had a much bolder taste than your average coffee, perfect for an afternoon cup. 

I haven’t been disappointed with either of these coffees, and I’ve found myself picking these over my usual morning cup of tea. Hope & Glory coffee might have fully converted me into a coffee lover…

*PR Sample

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