A Different Type Of Gifting*

Who loves giving presents? Me! I think Christmas is my favourite time of the year just to be able to give presents. I love nothing more than working out who I’m going to buy for, what to get them, and then finding fun creative ways to wrap them. But with Christmas still a good 8 months away now, it’s obviously not really the season of goodwill and giving anymore. It’s got me thinking, why just give gifts at Christmas? Why can’t we give gifts all year round? Why not look into giving gift experiences, the type of gift you can give all year round.

Gift experiences are proving to be an increasingly popular choice when it comes to giving gifts. I used to think of gift experiences as crazy expensive, but these days with websites such as Into The Blue running regular promotions, it’s possible to give gift experiences all year round. 

One of the most popular gift experiences are spa days. A day of luxury and pampering that you might not usually treat yourself or loved one too because you’re worried about the usual price tag that comes with it. But with gift experiences you can purchase a day of pampering for a reasonable price, or if you prefer, a range of beauty treatments on their own.

One of the best parts of gift experiences is that you’re able to buy things like restaurant vouchers. Some of the most sought after dining locations in the country have created packages and set meals for as little as £30, giving you the option to experience restaurants you may not usually be able to afford. It’s not just dining experiences, but theres also experiences such as cookery classes, and wine tasting experiences.

Recent research shows that people prefer experience gifts as opposed to traditional gifts, making them a more cost effective gift at the end of the day. What do you think of experience day gifts? Do you prefer them over traditional gifts?

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