My First Shopping Haul :)

So recently my mum’s felt sorry for me and my poor student budget not being able to afford new clothes and walking around in old falling apart stuff, so she took me shopping! (nothing like abusing the parents credit card!) I managed to get myself 8 new items! This is what I got:

1. Stripy long sleeved top – Peacocks – £12
I spotted this top a few weeks back, and I fell in love with it instantly! Unfortunately at the time I was strapped for catch, so I jumped at the idea of my mum buying this for me! This top also has a small pocket on the left hand side, which my photo hasn’t made very clear. I love this top, and its quite thin so perfect to wear on summery days.

2. Owl Jumper – New Look – £6 (Sale!)
I love owls, and I found this jumper in the New Look sale and thought it was such a bargain I had to have it! It’s quite a thin jumper, so not perfect for very cold days, but perfect for slightly cooler days.

3. Cardigan with pocket detail – New Look  – £17.99
I love a good cardigan, and this one from New Look is perfect. It’s a lovely lightweight feeling, so its not too thick and chunky, making it great for summer days. I love the colour of this too, I think that that beige colour also suits the upcoming summer days.

4. Knitted over sized jumper with pockets – New Look – £24.99
I love this chunky over sized jumper. Its a rather large knit, so you’d need to wear it over a vest or something. I wasn’t too sure about this when I first bought it, but now I’ve worn it a few times I love it. It looks great with a vest, leggings and boots.

5. Bat-winged crop top with flower detail – Yours – £14
I’m completely in love with this top, I’ve worn it out a couple of times on nights out and got some lovely compliments. The top itself is quite short, so looks great over a vest, and I love the bat-winged style as I think it makes it quite different. I think its a lovely simple top, and the flower detail at the top doesn’t over complicate it.

6. ‘Kiss and Tell’ 3/4 length sleeved top – Yours – £14
This top is rather simple with the words ‘Kiss and Tell’ written on it. Its nice and thin, and I’ve worn it a few times on warmer days and its perfect for that kind of weather. I like how it has 3/4 length sleeves as long sleeves tend to annoy me.

7. Black lace top – Yours – £20
I love this top, it’s perfect for nights out if you want to wear something simple. The top itself is made up of a see through material, with tiny polka dots over it, making the top very simple. I’ve worn this a couple of times when I’ve gone out and got some great compliments about this.

8. Floral top – Yours – £22
I love floral print clothing, and I saw this top and thought it would be perfect for summer. Its made out of a thin floaty material, and has floaty sleeves. It’s nice and thin so perfect for hot days, or it’s nice enough to wear on nights out.

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