Slip Into Summer

The days are starting to get brighter and warmer, and it’s starting to feel that summer is right round the corner. I’m looking forward to not having to wear a billion layers, and packing away my big winter jumpers for a few more months, and being able to wear pretty summer dresses in their places. With summer coming up I’d really like to lose a little more weight, and if I could drop a dress size or two that would be great! 

For years I’ve been trying out every diet under the sun to try and shift some weight. You name it, I’ve probably tried it. Sometimes I manage to lose a few pounds, maybe even a stone, but I always seem to lose my motivation and give up. That’s the problem with many fad diets, sometimes you can lose a lot of weight, but the minute you stop the diet the weight just creeps back on. 

When it comes to losing weight it’s recommended that you set yourself a goal, or something to aim for, then you feel a great sense of achievement when you get to it. It got me thinking about what I should aim for with my own weightloss. This summer my partners sister is getting married, and it would be great to have dropped a dress size and have a pretty new dress to wear for the occasion. Just in time for summer DW Fitness have challenged me with their help and added encouragement from Weird Fish to drop a dress size in 12 weeks. No fad diets, just healthy exercise and eating! 

DW Fitness have offered me access to their gym, a fitness plan and a meal tool which is keeping me on the right track. The first thing I’ve noticed from following the plan is that I’m not as hungry as I thought I would be. By eating the right food I’m feeling fuller than I used to scoffing on crisps and biscuits. I’m still going to allow myself the odd treat now and then, but I’m going to ensure that it’s now and then! I’m also looking forward to sticking to trying out the fitness plan, as I’ve never really known much about fitness and it’ll do me good to have a plan to stick to. 

I keep thinking about how great it will feel to wear my new smaller dress, especially after all my hardwork and eating well. So with just 12 weeks to go I better make sure I stick to my plan! Wish me luck.

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