Here’s How I Make Getting Ready For Special Occasions Easier*

For me, one of the best things about the summer is all the events and special occasions that take place. From weddings and summer balls to christenings and parties, there are just so many things to attend during the summer.

However, while I love attending summer events, I always used to struggle when it came to preparing. I would always end up being extremely late due to my beauty routine or ready hours early – it was a nightmare.

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While special occasions, like weddings, can be a lot of fun, preparing for them can be tricky. That’s why I came up with a simple guide that should help to make preparing for parties and other events, a little easier.

To find out more about all the best ways to prepare for a wedding or special occasion, have a read of my top tips, below:

Choose your outfit in advance

Even if you are 100 percent sure about what you want to wear, it’s a good idea to try your outfit on in advance. I know from experience that there is nothing worse than thinking that your outfit matches, only to find out on the day that it doesn’t.

Aim to get your outfit out and try it on, at least a week in advance, so that if there are any problems, you have the time to sort them out.

Know what jewellery you are wearing

Don’t leave choosing your jewellery until the last minute. Once you have picked an outfit, choose your jewellery to wear with it.

It’s much better to choose your jewellery in advance so that you know where each piece is, instead of being in a mad rush on the day of the event. It also means that if you find that you have nothing that works well, you have the time to buy something new.

There are various sites you can buy your jewellery from, but one of the best is eternalcollection.co.uk. For a great range of jewellery styles, make sure to check this site out. As well as looking online for jewellery, you could also pop to your local mall, instead.

Be hair prepared

Don’t leave washing your hair until the evening of the event, wash it the evening before or in the morning. This will ensure that your hair has enough time to dry, instead of you having to rush to get it dried before styling it.

When it comes to your hair, I would say the most important thing is to practice your hairstyle beforehand. Don’t just presume that it will go well on the day, because that isn’t always the case.

Everyone’s hair is different, a style that works well for your friend, might not work for you. That’s why you should practice in advance, to ensure that the style works on your hair.

If you aren’t a fan of doing your own hair, you could always get your hair done at the hairdressers, instead. This would take some of the stress off of you, and it would ensure that your hair was perfect for the event.

While it can sometimes be a little stressful preparing for an event, if you follow these tips, you can make things easier.

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