Giving My Hair A Well Needed Treat

I’ve mentioned it many many times before, my hair hates me. I’m such a horrible person to it, I dye it quite a lot, and use hair straighteners like everyday. So recently my hair has been looking really awful, its in a major need for some TLC. So I decided to give my hair a little treat and buy it some new products to hopefully make my hair feel a little happier. Starting  off with Dove’s Nourishing Oil Care Express Treatment Conditioner. This is one of my favourite hair care treatments, and this is actually the 3rd bottle of the stuff I’ve bought. It makes my hair feel so much softer and smoother and hydrated, it’s just one of those products I buy over and over again. Then I saw Tresemme’s Split Remedy while I was in Tescos. It claims to reduced split ends by 80& after just 3 uses. Now I’ve not really heard anything about this, but it was on offer, and well if it lives up to those claims my hair will be very happy. Not only have I bought some new products to treat my hair, but today I had a very much needed hair cut, as my hair just looked awful. And tomorrow I’m dying it a colour that’s not Live Colour XXL Red Passion, exciting stuff.

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