Slip Into Summer – Update #1

It’s been a while now since I started the Slip Into Summer challenge with DW Fitness and Weird Fish, so it’s about time I wrote a really overdue update post! 

To be honest I’ve been doing well with the challenge.. until two weeks ago. I had my birthday, then I had a few nights out, and then I pretty much put all the weight I had lost back on, Oops. 

So apart from that here’s how I’ve done so far:
Weight Lost: 5lbs
Inches off chest: 2
Inches off upper arms: 2
Inches off waist: 0
Inches off hips: 5
Inches off thighs: 3
Inches off calves: 0

As you can see I’ve had some pretty good results so far, I’m really impressed with how quickly I’ve lost the inches! I’m finding the programme relatively easy to stick to, but I usually allow myself one treat day a week so I can still have a little bit of something I crave. The only problem I’m having with the challenge is the exercise side of things. I’ve never been good at exercise, and I struggle to find the motivation to do it.

To try and get myself back on track I’m trying to give myself something to work towards. I’ve hung my Weird Fish dress up on my wardrobe so I can see it everyday to give me the motivation I need. I’ve also started trying it on every week after I’ve weighed myself, just to see how much closer I am to it fitting. I’ve still got a while to go, but it’s encouraging to see the progress each week. 

As exercise is one of my weaker points I’ve also given myself to aim for with this. In September I’ve booked to run or walk 5K with a bunch of friends for the British Miltary Fitness challenge. Being the unfittest person ever, this will be quite a challenge for me! I’m determined to keep up with my fitness programme to get a bit more in shape before the event. Hopefully having something to work towards will give me the kick up the backside I need. 

Now just to get back to the gym…

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