NOTD Spots & Stripes

It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded a good nail art post, or a NOTD post at all for that matter. After receiving my Rio Nail Art Kit at the #JulyLondonMeetUp  I was feeling somewhat inspired. As it’s been an age since I’ve done any form of nail art I decided I wanted to do something simple to start off with, when I came up with the idea of spots and stripes after seeing a photo on Lauren Conrad’s Instagram.

I’ve done simple polka dot nails before and I really like the look of, especially as you can vary the colours for a different look. Stripes are something that I’ve never really tried to do with nail art, and I can see why now, I can’t for the life of me draw in straight lines! I managed okay (ish) on my left hand (shown in photograph) but was absolutely hopeless on my right hand. The lines are all over the place and are varying in thickness. Something I should probably get a bit more practice with…

I wanted to keep the colours simple for the nail art so I used Barry M’s black as the base colour and then used one of the nail art pens that came with the Rio Nail Art Kit in white. Nail art pens are amazingly easy to use, and make drawing on your nails really simple to do. The Rio Nail Art Kit did also come with dotter tools which would be ideal to use to create the polka dots, but I didn’t think of trying that out until I’d already used the nail art pen. Oops.

I had good fun playing around with this design and its inspired me to get back into nail art again, so hopefully there will be many a nail art post back up on my blog again ;).

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