Dior Star Foundation

Christian Dior Review

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Lately I’ve become somewhat of a foundation snob, sticking to high end foundations over choices on the highstreet. I never used to mind highstreet foundations, always picking the lightest shade for my skin, but it never used to look quite right. It wasn’t until I tried MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid, that I realised high end foundations were certainly worth their price tag, I was finally finding foundations that were pale enough for me, that also gave me great coverage and didn’t seem to wear off 2 hours after application. I’ve tried out a couple of high end foundations, and found some new favourites along the way, but I’m still trying to find my signature go to foundation.
 Christian Dior Star Foundation
A while ago I got a sample of Dior’s Star foundation and tried it out for a couple of days. I found it to give me great coverage, and it gave my skin this amazing dewy glow, I knew I had to have it. So after saving up my Christmas pennies I decided to visit a Dior counter to pick myself one up. The sales assistant was very helpful and talked me through the foundation and tried a few different shades on me, and of course I was the palest version possible. What I love about Dior Star is that it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin, and makes my skin look amazing, like I’m having a really really really good skin day. I actually wish my skin looked like how this foundation makes it look everyday. It gives this lovely dewy radiant glow, and lasts all day without drying my skin out.

Out of all the high end foundations I’ve tried so far this is my favourite, and it’s one I’ve heard many a rave review from others about. I’m not certain, but I think I might have found my perfect foundation…

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