Lush Favourites

If you’ve been a close follower of my blog over the past few years you’ll have seen that many Lush products have been mentioned. I’ve grown quite an obsession with their products, and my bathroom is slowly filling up with all sorts of bath bombs and bubble bars. I decided its about time I dedicated a whole blog post to my love of Lush, and spoke about my favourite products.

Bath Bombs
I’ll start off with the products most people go to Lush for, bath bombs. I think I’ve used all of the Lush bath bombs, and it’s taken me a while to get around them all. I think my all time favourite one would be either Sex Bomb, or Think Pink. They’re perfect if you love sweet girly scents like me. Another favourite would be Space Girl, mostly because it has popping candy in and is great fun to use.
Bubble Bars
I love bubble bars, they’re great to use and save on packaging, you also get several uses out of them making them good value for money. My all time favourite bubble bar has to be The Comforter. It’s one I keep coming back to, and I like to keep in stock for if I’m feeling a bit under the weather. Dorothy and Karma are also firm favourites, I find the scents to be lovely, and Karma can be a little strong.
Shower Gels
It’s pretty safe to say that my all time favourite shower gel from Lush has to be Snow Fairy. Last Christmas I stocked up on 3 bottles of the stuff to last me through the year, but being an addict to the stuff it only got me through to March. Another Christmas range favourite is Ponche, which has a great kick to it to wake you up in the mornings. Non seasonal favourites include It’s Raining Men, Happy Hippy, and The Olive Branch – all smell amazing!
Face Masks
Lush Fresh Face Masks are probably my favourite Lush products to use. I’m trying to slowly work my way through trying out all of them. My all time favourite has to be Catastrophe Cosmetic or Brazened Honey. What I love about the face masks is that there’s loads of different ones, all for different skin care problems, so you’re bound to find one that’s right for you.
Skin Care
I’ve used a few of the Lush Skin Care products and my all time favourite is Ultrabland. It’s great if you’re having problems with your skin and for removing make up. Other skin care favourites include Grease Lightening, Tea Tree Toner, and Ocean Salt. All of them have worked wonders on my skin, and I think I’m going to have to try out some more Lush skin care products.
Other Lush Products
I don’t really know how to categorize my other lush favourites so I’ll just talk about them all here. My all time favourite is Lemony Flutter, I use it all the time on my cuticles and it’s really helped to improve the condition of them. I recently picked up Dreamwash, one of the shower smoothies and its amazing if you have dry skin.

So these are my all time Lush Favourite products, what are yours?

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