Giving My Nails A Bit Of A Treat

After painting my nails every 3 days for the last year and a half, my nails are not in the best of conditions. In fact, their pretty terrible. So a couple of weeks ago I decided I needed to give my nails a bit of a treat, and try to get them back into a better condition. One product that has helped repair my nails before is Rimmel London Nail Rescue 14 Day Nail Hardening Treatment.
“Longer, stronger, harder and more resilient nails in 2 weeks. Reduces chipping and splitting.
First Week, Day 1, apply 1 coat, day 2 apply a second coat. On Day 7 remove the product. Repeat this on the second week. Treatment will be complete after 14 days.”

Nails Before Treatment –

Ugh I can’t believe I’m posting a photo of how my natural nails look. Their gross. Their all flakey and the nails them selves start peeling sometimes. They often split and feel weak, and get little white dots over them. Basically they are just in a terrible state. My cuticles often look raged and terrible but I usually use my LUSH Lemony Flutter to sort them out. You can just see from the photo that their in an awful state, they need help. I know wearing nail varnish on them everyday isn’t helping, but I usually paint my nails to hide the fact their in this bad of a state.
Nails After 1 Week Of Treatment – 

So after I took the treatment off after the first week I noticed a big difference in the condition of my nails. A lot of the white dots, and splits in the nails had already gone. My nails also felt a lot stronger. They still weren’t in an amazing condition, but it was defiantly a massive improvement from the week before. So I stuck to the rules and on the 8th day I started the treatment again.
Nails At The End Of The Two Week Treatment –  

When it got to the 14th day of the treatment I was really excited to take off the product. After seeing such good results the week before I was expecting good things. And well I wasn’t disappointed. Just comparing photos from before the treatment and after you can see just how much my nails have improved. Although my nails haven’t completely been restored to a healthy state, the majority of the splitting and peeling and white dots have gone.I think if you were to repeat this a couple of times you’d have healthy happy nails in no time! Since using this treatment I’ve been using it under nail varnish as a base coat just to help keeping my nails looking healthy. I’ve actually done this treatment a couple more times since taking these photos and my nails are defiantly looking a lot better since I first began. So if your nails are in need of a little more TLC I’d certainly reccomend using this! I’ve also heard good things about OPI’s Nail Envy, so I’m thinking maybe trying that one out. So let me know if any of you have tried it and if it’s worth it!

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