Current Favourite Hair Care Products

Hair is probably one of the most talked about subjects on my blog. And if you think I talk about it enough on the blog, you should see how many hair products I own. Seriously my bathroom is covered in bottles of the stuff, and I have a whole box of products in my room. Any hair product that claims to help out poor abused hair, I’m sold by. As I’m dying my hair every four weeks and constantly using heat, I like to make sure my hair is kept in a good condition. This means treating my hair with deep conditioning treatments and using a variety of products. So I thought it was about time to share with you all what my favourite hair care products are.

A product I’ve loved for a very long time is Aussie’s colour insurance leave in conditioner. I use this pretty much every time I wash my hair, it just gives it that bit of extra moisture and actually helps to keep my hair vibrant and red for longer. I’ve fallen quite in love with then John Freida full repair range, its like it was created just for me with the amount I dye my hair and straighten it! The Heat Activated Styling Spray, Perfect Ends Deep Infusion Serum, and Perfect Ends Sheer Mist are now going to become permanent additions to my hair care collection. My favourite out of the three is the Deep Infusion Serum, I just pop it on the ends of my hair and it stops them from feeling so dry. I don’t think these products fully repair my hair like they claim to, but they certainly make my hair feel and look healthier. A recent favourite is Lush’s R&B hair moisturiser. It basically looks like butter, but you just apply a small amount to the ends of your hair and it just smooths and hydrates your hair. And the best thing is you only need the smallest amount so this pot is going to last me forever. A new product I’ve only just started using is Moroccainoil, and already it’s complete love for me. I’ve used hair oil before in the form of V05’s miracle concentrate (review here), but I find this one so much better. The only problem is the price, its rather expensive, but so far I’m finding it to be worth the money. And last of all is Tresemme’s Heat Defense Spray, which I’ve pretty much been using since I was 12. I’ve tried other heat defence sprays since, but I find myself always coming back to this. I just find there’s no heat defense spray quite like this one!
Well that was quite a hair ramble I went on with there! No wonder hair is one of top searches for my blog. So what are your favourite hair products? Do you use any of these?

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