Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Once upon a time I had really long hair, and then for some strange reason I decided to cut it short one day. Since then I’ve spent years trying to grow my hair, and then giving up and getting it cut short again. I get so bored with how I want my hair, I’ve changed the length and colour so much over the years. The problem I have with having short hair is that I find I can’t do much with it, it’s either down or up on top of my head like some sort of Pineapple thing. Sometimes I wish it was a little longer, just so I could do a little more with it. Recently the folks over at Irresistible Me Hair Extensions got in touch to see if I’d be interested in reviewing a few of their hair extentions, and I was pretty excited for the chance to have super long hair again.

I picked out the royal remi hair clip in 16 inches 200g hair extensions in the shade royal ash blonde, as I thought it was more like my own hair colour after watching this handy video on the different colours. I’ve looked into getting hair extensions in the past and have always been put off because the colours never seem to match my own hair colour, so I was pretty surprised when these turned up and they’re pretty much the exact colour as my hair. 


As I ordered the 200g version I have one section with four clips, one with 3 clips, three with 2 clips, and two with 1 clip, and a couple of spare pieces if needed, but I usually find there’s plenty for me. The clips don’t make the hair extensions feel heavy at all, and stay in place really easily. The first time I wore them was for a night out, and I was a little worried that they’d fall out or be irritating, but they were surprisingly comfy to wear. My natural hair is quite thick, and I’ve found previous extensions can be quite thin, so don’t really suit me at all, but as I got the 200g version it still makes my hair look super thick and natural. I also like just how easy they are to style. I’ve curled them, straightened them, washed them, and it’s not damaged the quality of them in the slightest, it pretty much feels like my own hair.

Just to give you an idea of how much length it’s given my hair, here’s a before and after picture. As you can see my normal hair is quite short at the moment, but with my added hair extensions, voila! I’ve already nicknamed this as my ‘mermaid hair’, because it’s so long! I really love my hair extensions, and I’ve had some great feedback when I’ve worn them on nights out. I’m even considering growing my own hair super long again, but at least if it takes a while I’ve got these for the illusion of long hair! 

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