Lavera Rose Garden Body Lotion

During the winter months my skin becomes extra dry and sensitive, and sometimes can crack and become quite painful. So to ensure that I keep my skin hydrated it’s important to invest in a good body lotion. One product that I’ve been absolutely loving this winter is Lavera’s Rose Garden Body Lotion*.

Lavera’s Rose Garden Body Lotion is from a German brand called NU3 who kindly contacted me and asked if I wanted to try out a few of their products. As I’ve never tried products from other countries I was a bit excited to give this ago. On the back on the product everything is listed in German, but if you’re like me and can’t speak or read German, it fortunately comes in English on their website here. The first thing that I loved about this product was that it was pink (I’m a girl okay?) and that it smelt absolutely gorgeous. I really can’t get enough of the smell, and I find that once applied the smell lasts all day. Lavera Rose Garden Body Lotion is made up of skin softening ingredients like shea butter, so perfect if you suffer with dry skin. I also find it to be a light moisturiser that isn’t too greasy, and it’s amazing at keeping moisture in the skin. It’s also completely vegan and made from all natural ingredients! So what is there not to love about it?

This has been my main go to moisturiser this winter and I can see it being a firm favourite way into the new year. Are there any favourite body lotions you can’t live without this winter?

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