Recent Beauty Buys

Sometimes there’s nothing better than saving your hard earned pennies and having a good splurge on the beauty counters. And recently this is what I got up to. Having saved a little money from my recent job I decided it was time to treat myself! Here’s what I’ve bought on my recent beauty buys.

On my last trip up north I met up with the lovely Simone to do some damage to my bank account. We started off on the Origins counter, as I’m a complete Origins addict at the moment, and some of it is rubbing off on Simone. While at Origins I picked up a mask set that includes the Drink Up 10 Minute Mask, Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask, and the Clear Improvement Mask. I wasn’t sure about buying it at the time but Simone showed me that I could get these 3 masks for £25, when one would be £22, so it seemed like a bargin! And well now I’m stocked up on Origins masks ;).

Then we went on to the Bobbi Brown counter, where Simone influenced me majorly. Originally I just wanted a new foundation, but the sales assistant tried out a corrector, concealer, and blush on me and I just fell in love. I didn’t plan on such a splurge, but Simone just kept telling me how good I looked, and well who can resist a compliment? So I came away with the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation, the Corrector, the Creamy Concealer and the Pot Rouge. I’d say it was a fairly successful shopping trip.

On another occasion I was visiting The Body Shop with another friend of mine and couldn’t resist picking up the Shea Beautifying Oil. I’ve heard amazing things about the Beautifying Oils, including that if you leave it in your hair it will help you grow princess locks in no time. I then picked up the Vanilla Eau de Toilette because I found I didn’t have any fragrances at the moment and the smell of this is just amazing!

It was nice to have a good splurge and treat myself to a few beauty things, but now my bank account isn’t feeling the same. I feel a spending ban coming along..

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