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Recently I’ve been thinking a little more about how I treat my body. Not only am I trying to be healthier, and thinking about what I put in my body, but I’m also thinking about how I treat my skin. I never used to put much thought about what I was putting into, and onto my body, but recently I’ve been inspired by my friend Kayleigh and her organic lifestyle to think a little more about it.

I’ve always had pretty bad skin. When I was 11 I got the worst acne ever imaginable, and being one of the first children in my class to get it, I was bullied pretty badly about it. I was desperate for it to clear up and used absolutely everything imaginable until sticking to products like Freederm etc that promise to clear away spots. Looking back now I probably had so many spots because I was using horrible products that were just drying out my skin, but hey lets not blame 11 year old Lisa, she didn’t know any better.

Then as I got older my acne cleared up, but I still get the occasional spot here and there, but my skin was still awful. Often really dry in some areas, and greasy in others (which I know now means I have combination skin), and often really red and blotchy. I spent years trying to figure out why my skin was so awful, and it wasn’t until 6 months ago when I learnt I was intolerant to gluten that the redness in my face disappeared. Interesting. It was around that time that I met Kayleigh, who talked more about her diet and how certain foods can affect her skin etc that I started to drink more water and cut out sugar, and hey the spots started clearing up too! As I’ve started changing my diet and things that have been wrong with me for years have started to improve, I’ve thought a little more about what I put on my skin. Why spend all that time making my skin better from the inside, if I’m just going to put horrible chemically things on it on the outside? So I decided to look a little more into organic skincare, and came across a brand called Sukin that I wanted to try out.

I hadn’t heard of Sukin before, but came across them when I was looking for a new cleanser and toner on Look Fantastic and thought I’d give it a try in the process of replacing my current products for more organic ones. After looking up a little more about them I learnt that they are an organic Australian brand, designed to make affordable and effective natural skincare. Their products aren’t made with any harsh chemicals, but instead use high quality botanical extracts and essential oils, sounds pretty good right?

Not wanting to go crazy and hurt my bank balance and buy all of their products, I bought their sensitive cleansing gel and their hydrating toner mist. The cleansing gel is a soap free cleanser, designed to be non-drying. I often find cleansers a little dry, especially around my eyes, so I had pretty high hopes for this. I found it takes all my makeup off really well, and leaves my skin feeling super clean, but it does still leave around my eyes a little dry. Ho hum. However I did find if I cleansed with micellar water first, and then used this to double cleanse it didn’t irritate my eyes as much.

The toner is what you would expect from a toner, made from chamomile and rosewater to soothe and hydrate your skin. I tend to use this after using the cleanser, or first thing in the morning to help wake me up, and I’ve found it makes my skin feel really hydrated and soft. I love when toners come in these spray type bottles as well, they’d be great from summer days when you need a little refreshing too.

So from using more organic products have I noticed a difference to my skin? A little yes. My skin has improved, but I do still have a few problems, but a good part of my skincare routine isn’t made up of organic products yet, which I plan to replace once they’ve run out. I am enjoying using these Sukin products, and they aren’t irritating my skin like other (and more chemically) products have previously done, so I’ll certainly be looking into more of their products!

What do you think of organic skincare? Do you have any natural brands you love?

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