The Triple Threat Facemask

Once upon a time I was completely oblivious to the idea of skin care and had no idea what I was doing with it. When I first entered the blogging world I was only interested in reading about lipstick swatches and nail varnish colours. I had no idea that there was a whole world about skin care. Then I started to read more and more into the subject and learnt there was more to it than just cleansing and toning. Since learning more about skin care there are certain ‘treats’ I like to indulge my skin in, one of which is face masks. I normally do a facemask around once or twice a week, but sometimes when my skin is in desperate need of TLC I’ll indulge in the triple threat facemask.

I’d never really heard about the triple threat face mask until I saw this post on Vivianna Does Makeup’s blog. I’d never thought that I could treat my skin to more than one face mask at a time, although I’m not really sure why I didn’t try. I’ve had a play around with various combinations of face masks until I came up with my favourite triple threat combo.

I start off wit the Origins Clear Improvement charcoal mask to help clear out my pores and get rid of all the junk that you can find yourself with. I leave this on for around 10 minutes or so until it dries up well and wash it off with my muslin cloth. Then I get on with using an exfoliating face mask, and my favourite for this is The Body Shops Honey & Oat 3 in 1 Scrub Mask. This mask is one of my favourites for two reasons, 1 – it smells like something amazing you’d eat for breakfast (although this makes it hard to not want to eat it), and it really helps to exfoliate the face and get rid of any dry patches you may have. I like to leave this one on a little longer, normally around the 15/20 minute mark, as it’s quite a ‘wet’ face mask and I like to try and let it dry although it never does completely. When I’ve finished I again wash it off with a muslin cloth and then apply a cleanser and toner.

I then give my skin a little while to breath before applying the next step, the moisturising mask. I have many many of these as I have quite an issue with dry skin, but my all time favourite has to be the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask. I normally use this around 3/4 times a week instead of a night cream because the results are incredible. It’s perfect for I’ve you’ve indulged in one too many late nights, or not enough skin care. You put it on, leave it overnight and your skin just drinks it up, leaving you with super soft hydrated skin the next day. It works perfectly with the combination of these face masks and the next day my skin is looking much healthier and happier. Since discovering the triple threat facemask my skin is looking much better.

Do you use triple threat facemasks? What’s your favourite combination?

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