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I’ve always been a girl who loves her food, but recently I’ve had a much bigger interest in food, which you may have noticed on my little blog. Since I’ve moved out of my parents house I’ve been cooking a lot more, I’m still no Gordon Ramsay, but I’m enjoying experimenting. As well as cooking my own food, I’m also enjoying the cooking of others a lot more too. When it comes to eating out I’m usually quite boring, and I tend to stick to big chain restaurants where I know what I like, but lately I’ve been trying to get out and explore more of what’s on offer around me and where I live.

Hitchin is about 30 minutes away from where I live, and is a gorgeous town that I really need to explore more of. And tucked away down one of the side streets, is a cute little bar that serves cocktails and food, called The Snug. I’ve walked past The Snug a few times and I always thought it was more of a cocktail bar than anything, but recently they invited me to come and try out their new menu so I was excited to experience what their food was like.

As someone who loves cocktails and food just as much as me, I decided to bring along my friend Jen, who’s actually been raving about their St Albans branch to me for a few weeks now. Once we arrived we were given choice of where to sit, and as it was a quiet Tuesday evening we had plenty of choice. We chose to sit in a quite corner, which was decked out with super comfy chairs and fairy lights, it really did feel quite snug. There were a couple of others eating around us, and a few groups of people enjoying some cocktails, but the atmosphere felt relaxing and cosy, a lovely place to come and visit.

There was a huge cocktail menu for us to look through, and each page was broke up into different sections; gin, vodka, whiskey etc. At the moment I’m going through a bit of a love affair with gin, so I chose a Hendricks Summer Garden, while Jen chose a Cherry Jack. Lucky for us, The Snug had a happy hour on 2 for 1 cocktails between 3pm and 9pm, so there was a good opportunity to make our way through the cocktail menu.

When it came to looking at the food menu, I spent just as long trying to decide what to eat as I did what to drink, there were so many delicious sounding options. In the end Jen and I decided to pick one of the small dishes each and share them between the two of us, so we picked the mozzerella chunks and houmous and wholewheat pitta. I’m a big fan of cheese, but the mozzerella chunks were something else. They were perfectly chewy, and the breadcrumbs made them really crunchy. The pitta and houmous was equally delicious, and came warm and toasty.

When it came to deciding mains I knew I had to have a burger, the problem was deciding which burger to chose as there were so many interesting burgers to chose from! I love burgers, and 95% of the time if they are on the menu I will order them, so I always have high hopes for a good burger, and these certainly didn’t disappoint. In the end I picked the snug burger, while Jen chose the texas ranger, and of course we both decided to have sweet potato fries. I was amazed once our burgers came out of the kitchen, because wow, just look at them! These were quite the monster burgers, and boy did it take a while to tackle them. The snug burger was a classic bacon cheese burger, with onion rings and house burger sauce in a brioche bun, and was honestly the most delicious burger I’ve ever tasted. The mix of the sweet bun and salty bacon was wonderful. The texas burger also came in a brioche bun, with BBQ sauce, black bean and onion rings, and was equally as delicious.

Despite stuffing my face with the worlds largest burger, Jen convinced me to get pudding. We both decided to get a sundae, I picked an Oreo one and Jen picked a brownie one. I wish I was better at describing food, because my oh my were these delicious, and were the perfect ending to our meal.

Once we finished eating we sat for a while, mostly because we were too full to move, but it also gave us a chance to enjoy some more cocktails in the cosy relaxed setting. The Snug was a lovely place to visit, and I’d highly recommend if you’re in Hitchin or one of their other locations.  I’ve already got plans for another visit!

*I was offered a meal at The Snug in exchange for this review, all thoughts are my own

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