100 Day Spending Ban Challenge – Week 10, 11 & 12

I’ve been terrible at updating my blog on my spending ban challenge lately. So bad that since my last update I haven’t wrote another one in three weeks, oops. To be honest I’m finding there isn’t a lot to update on lately.

I’ve been being good and have hardly bought any beauty products unless it’s something I need like deodorant etc.  I keep finding myself in Boots swatching away at products, and then asking myself “do I really need this?”, or “isn’t this similar to something else I already have?”. I’m glad my attitude to products is changing, because I really do have a lot a lot of beauty products, and since I’ve been on this ban I’ve been trying to use up more products and I’ve hardly made a dent into what I already own. Proving that no, I really don’t need more.

When it comes to saving some money I’m now starting to get somewhere. Since I’ve started this spending ban I’ve got a full time job, which of course comes with a lovely salary and a monthly income! I’ve had two pay days since starting this, which has helped me to completely pay off my credit card – hurrah! I’ve also worked out how much I spend on my car in a year, divided it into a monthly figure, and I’m now putting that away every month so that when my insurance or MOT is due, it won’t be a huge chunk of money. So my thoughts and actions towards money has definitely changed. I’m now working on paying off my overdraft, and then I can start on my savings to buy a house!

So although there’s been a lack of updates on my spending ban lately, I definitely think tehre’s an improvement to my financial life, and I’m event thinking about things before I buy them – which isn’t something I would have been doing 12 weeks ago!

See how I’ve got on in previous weeks –

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