Instagramming #1

1. Revlon Lip Butters, 2. Everyday Makeup, 3. Another Day at the Mcjob, 4. My favourite candle, 5. Vo5 Hair Oil, 6. Lipstick Collection, 7. New Cath Kidston Notebook, 8. Starbucks, 9. Birthday Champagne, 10. Cats obsessed with the Ipad, 11. A trip to the Waffle House, 12. Banana Pancakes.
Yupp, I’m on the Instagram hype. Ever since they allowed Android phones to join in and I got my Ipad I’ve been obsessed with it. I just love taking photos of everything! I’ve posted a couple of these on Twitter, but I haven’t really mentioned anything about it on here. So if you’re on Instagram you can follow me under ‘lisahh_jayne’. If your not on it, don’t worry I shall be posting my weekly photos on here! Because a minute by minute pictorial account of my life is what your life has been missing!

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