Lip Crayon Obsession

A while ago when lip crayons came out I wasn’t too sure about them. I was mainly a lipstick person, and didn’t really think much about lip crayons. Fast forward a few months, and now I’m obsessed. It started off with a couple of MUA’s lip colours, they only cost me a couple of quid, and I thought it would be an affordable way to try out some fun colours. Buying a few turned into buying them all, which turned into looking into more options to get my lip crayon fix..

I then discovered that one of my current favourite brands, Bourjois had a few different colours too so I picked up a darker red as a more bold deep colour, and a lighter red shade, both of which are firm favourites in my collection. When the Revlon Matte Balms came out, of course I had to try one out and I have this gorgeous matte red shade which I adore. I think out of all of them the Revlon Matte Balm is my favourite one, mostly because matte colours aren’t something I usually do, so it’s a little different.

I think lip crayons are a fun way of applying lipstick as well as being a super handy way to, what feels like “colouring in” your lips. I also find that my lip colour stays on for a bit longer than it would if I used an ordinary lipstick. I’ve managed to maintain my lip crayon obsession down to only 7 shades (which pretty much are all different shades of red…) but I do find that every time I’m in Boots I find myself swatching away at more lip crayons and trying to convince myself I don’t need another one. It’s only really a matter of time until I have the whole of the Revlon range really…

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