Sunday Summary #4

001. I’m starting to get used to being back home now – although I still haven’t got around to unpacking or cleaning my room up! I’ve been back at my job, so most of the time I’m working. Although I’m not a massive fan of my job, it’s sort of nice to be back and see all my work friends again, I’ve even been to the pub with some of them a couple of times.
002. I’m starting to get excited for some of the plans I’ve got over the next couple of weeks. In a couple of weeks I’m going to TOWIB and I’m excited to meet the lovely Louise and Bex! Who else is going to TOWIB? It’s going to be my first event so I’m rather excited/nervous!
003. I’ve also booked a train to go see my boyfriend. As it’s now the summer holidays my boyfriend is now 300 miles away from me again, so in a couple of weeks I’m going up to Sunderland to see him again.
004. You may have noticed that my blog has now gone .com! Yup I’m now! I finally got around to buying a domain! I also gave my blog a makeover this week, what do you think?
005. I don’t really have many plans for the next week, I’m working most of it. And my time off will probably be spent chilling out. Although next Sunday I’m going back up to Leicester to pack up my flat and move some stuff into my new house. I’m rather excited about it as I can’t really remember what my house looks like!
Do you have many plans for this week?

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