The Sunday Post #1 – Getting My Hair Back Into Shape

I’ve posted many times before about my hair, and about the bad condition I find it in. After years of dying it, and using heat on it, there are times where I find split ends, my hair feeling dry, and looking a little worse for wear. I’ve used many hair products over the years to keep it in a good condition, but recently it’s not been enough, and my hair has still been looking a little “meh”. So I decided it was off to hair rehab for me.

I picked up a few hair care products that I think will help my hair get back into a good condition. I started by picking up some old favourites, the V05 Miracle Concentrate which you will have heard my rave about here. I love using this once I’ve washed my hair and it makes it feel amazing and soft. I’m hoping to rediscover my love for it since my Moroccainoil ran out. I also picked up two of the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioners which smell amazing when I wash my hair with them. I picked up the reconstruction one and the take the heat in the hope that it gives my hair the pampering it needs.
Continuing on with hair treatments, I decided to pick up the V05 Hot Oil Give Me Moisture treatment. Since my hair works well when I’ve used hair oil I thought that this would go down a treat with my hair. It’s used as a pre shampoo treatment, and I used it last night and its left my hair incredibly soft, so I think I’ll be using this as a weekly treatment on my locks.
Then for after washing my hair I picked up the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Defence Spray which I’ve heard good things about. I’ll be using this with my trusty Lee Stafford Heat Defense Spray. Then to stick on the ends of my hair I have the Naked Little Miracle Leave In Conditioner* which on dry days, gives my hair that little but of extra moisture it needs.
So I’m hoping with my new hair care routine and a bit of extra TLC my hair will be back in good shape in no time!

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