Summer Ball

Last weekend on the 20th May I had my university’s summer ball! It was bit of an excuse to get all dressed up, and have bit of a fancy night out. We went to a local venue in Leicester, called Athena, and had drinks and entertainment, including a band, and circus acts. Here’s some pictures from my night:

 All of us girls and boys all fancy

Me and my friend Robyn

Me and the boyfriend

Me and the boyfriend again – I love this photo!

I went with my boyfriend and a large group of friends, and we had a great night out! Here’s what I wore that night:

Floaty Floral Sundress – New Look – £34.99

Espadrille Wedge Court – New Look – £24.99


As I don’t normally get much of an excuse to dress up I decided to buy this dress from New Look, as I thought it was fancy enough for the event, but not too fancy that I couldn’t wear it again for a night out. I also don’t tend to wear heels these days, I used to a lot of the time, but since I came to uni I took up wearing flats as we tend to walk to nights out/home etc, and my poor feet couldn’t take it! As I wasn’t used to heels I decided to get myself a pair of wedge heels, as a friend recommended that they were much easier to wear, and my feet definitely survived in these shoes! So I might start taking up wearing heels again on nights out!
Sorry for my lack of posts lately, but I’ve been revising for my exam, which I had this morning and I’ve now finished my first year of uni! So four months of summer now, so expect loads of posts! And thanks to all of my new followers and everyone who’s reading my blog!

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