100 Day Spending Ban Challenge – The End

Today marks the end of my 100 day spending ban challenge – hurrah! If you’ve been keeping up with my update posts you’ll have seen this has been bit of an up and down ban for me, but I’ve learnt a few things when it comes to saving and spending.  It’s not been the best of spending bans, and I’ve broken it a few times. And when it comes to saving money, I’ve not done so well, although I’ve paid off a lot of debt. I originally started this spending ban when I was unemployed and had no income, or a way to pay off my student debts. Since then I’ve got myself a full time job with a salary, which has really helped when it comes to paying back my overdraft.

However when it came to my savings, they’re still almost as non-existent as when I started my ban. I set up a standing order to put away £122.50 every month which should cover the cost of my car insurance, MOT, tax and a bit extra in case my car engine decides to fail again. But that’s the only form of savings I have going on right now. When I started my ban I hoped that I would end it with a lot more savings to help towards trying to move out and buy a house, but I’ve mainly focused on paying back my student ways, which I guess is still progress at the end of the day.

I’ve definitely changed the way I feel about buying more products, and I do find myself questioning if I really NEED another lipstick. But if you’ve read my previous updates you’ll know I did slip up a few times. I’m hoping that now I’ve finished my spending ban I’ll try and keep this attitude towards money and spending, and hopefully I’ll finally start to get some savings together! Hopefully in a few months time I’ll take part in another spending ban, and actually manage to stick to it!

See how I got on in other weeks –

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