Traveling Beauty Essentials

This year I’m making the most of the bank holiday weekend and getting the chance to go away for a few days to visit my partners parents up north. I’m pretty excited as this is the first Easter weekend in years that I’m not working (stupid working in retail) or have 100’s of uni deadlines hanging over me. As we’re only going for a few days I’m attempting to pack ‘light’, but for a beauty addict this can prove difficult as there’s a few products that I can’t possibly leave behind. This time I’ve been quite good, and managed to get it down to a few essential products that are coming away with me.

First of all I can’t possibly go anywhere without my Batiste Dry Shampoo. Having thick greasy hair I find it a complete life savor, and I always have a back up in my beauty storage. There’s no way I could go away for a few days without packing one with me. My Origins Drink Up Intensive mask is one of my favourite products of all time, and when traveling a lot I find my skin can get quite dry and tired feeling. One way to put some moisture back into my skin is leaving a thick layer of this on overnight, and voila! The next day I have my nice hydrated, soft skin back. I’m a terrible lip biter, and when spending a whole day driving I find I can get quite bored and chew my lips. I always carry around a lip balm with me, and my recent favourite is my EOS lip balm is Strawberry Sorbet, which is quick and easy to apply.

My hands forever feel dry, and there’s only one hand cream that I like to use – Soap & Glory’s Hand Food. No other hand cream seems to compare to this, it softens my hands, makes them feel more hydrated AND smells amazing. I know this is a popular hand cream choice among a lot of my friends too, and even all us girls at work have one on our desks! I’ve decided to pack Apitiva’s Suncare 50+ SPF Face Cream* in the hope that we’ll have a glorious sunny bank holiday weekend and I’ll be needing it. Knowing my luck now I’ve packed it we won’t, oh well. I’ve picked up Vaseline’s Spray and Go Moisturiser especially for this trip so I don’t have to carry around one of my large tubs of moisturiser for a few days. By the sounds of it it makes moisturising a lot easier, so hopefully it works out for me! And finally I’ve packed my Kérastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique, which not only works as a heat protector, but has a bit of a leave in conditioner effect on my hair, making a little extra room in my suitcase!

These are definitely products I couldn’t go away without! Hopefully I’ve managed to get my product addiction under control for a few days away, and hopefully left enough room in my suitcase to buy more products to bring home.

*PR Sample

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