Makeup Brush Cleaning

Cleaning my makeup brushes is something I try to do on a weekly basis. There’s nothing worse than the look of dirty makeup brushes, and of course how unhygienic they are. If you search on Youtube or on blogs, you can see countless videos/posts about how to clean them, but personally I like to keep it really really simple.

So there’s two ways you can go about cleaning your brushes. 1) Spot cleaning – where you use a specific brush cleaner to quickly clean your brushes where they’ll dry much quicker as you’re not using water. Or 2) giving them a deep clean with a foaming cleanser, which is my preferred method. I take all my makeup brushes off with me into the bathroom and take each one and give them a little rinse under the water. Next I take a bit of a foaming cleanser, pop a little of it in my hand, and then take each brush and swirl it around in it, and rinse them off. Simple as that! Next I pop them on a towel to dry over night and voila! It’s as simple as that! I know you can get all sorts of makeup brush cleansers etc, but I honestly find that any old hand soap does that exact same trick!

So what’s your trick for cleaning your makeup brushes? Any good brush cleansers out there?

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