My Barry M Collection – Obsessed Much?

It’s recently come to my attention that my nail varnish collection is growing larger and larger, and one popular brand of nail varnish is Barry M. My Barry M collection has now grown to a large 14 nail paints!

From Left to Right: Indigo, Cobalt Blue, Blueberry Ice Cream, Mint Green, Berry Ice Cream, Bright Purple, Raspberry, Shocking Pink, Peach Melba, Mushroom, Dusky Mauve, Grey, Black Magic Nail Effects, Pink Fizz Nail Effects. 
I’ve always had a love for nail varnish (which you have probably guessed by looking at my blog by now!) and I only really discovered Barry M when I started uni in September when my flat mate introduced me to them. Since then I fell in love and often found myself coming home with more every time I took a visit into town. I don’t know what it is about Barry M nail varnishes that I like more than other brands, maybe its the bold bright colors, the softer pastel shades and the nail effects that makes it stand out to me more than other nail varnishes do. 
Out of my whole Barry M collection I would have to say that Mushroom is my favorite nail paint, I just love the color of it, and how its so neutral it goes with most outfits. I also love how subtle it is, and not a very bright in your face nail varnish colour. The two nail effects have also impressed me, I only bought them back in mid April, quite a lot later than other people were experimenting with them, and I was definitely impressed the first time I used them. I love experimenting using them over different colors and seeing which ones work well together, especially with Pink Fizz. 

Although I’m very happy with my collection I often find myself looking at the Barry M counter every time I’m in Boots and wishing for more. I’d like to add Strawberry Ice Cream, Vivid Purple and Navy to my collection sometime soon.

Is there any nail varnish brand your addicted to? Or are you like me and love Barry M?

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