Nuxe Wishlist

As a beauty addict there’s constantly a list of brands I’m wanting to try products from. And being a budget, it’s not always possible to try things from brands without breaking the bank. I always used to think that high end products were just over priced, and that I could get the same quality with a product on the high street. The more I’m learning about skincare, and what works for my skin, I’m learning that isn’t always the case, and high end products should be seen as more of an investment. One brand that I’m dying to try is Nuxe. I’m constantly hearing raving reviews on YouTube and blogs about Nuxe products, and I’d love to try out a few!

Crème Fraîche de Beauté Mask – £19.50

I’m an addict to face masks, and of course I need more to add to my collection. This mask is specifically made to help hydrate and soothe the skin. My skin is always feeling a bit dry and dehydrated, so this one sounds right up my street!

I’ve heard some great reviews of this lip balm, but for £9.50 I can’t justify spending that. It sounds like it would be the perfect lip balm for the winter months, especially for my lips that are forever cracking in the cold.

I’m experimenting in the world of using a make-up remover before a cleanser in my evening skincare routine to see if it helps improve the condition of my skin. I don’t know much about it but I did think this one sounded rather nice to use!

I’ve mentioned on my blog in the past that I have horrible dry skin, so I’m always looking out for a new body lotion that can help combat that. This one sounds perfect for my skin as it helps to soothe and repair.

This is another product that I’ve constantly heard raved about in the blogging world, a multi purpose oil with a hint of a shimmer in. I imagine this is perfect for the summer months, as the shimmer would really help to enhance the look of a tan!

I’m a big lover of serums at the moment, and I’m trying to find the perfect one for my skin. Currently I’ve been using ones from Origin’s, which I love, but this one sounds like it helps to bring out more natural radiance, which is something I love in a skin care product!

As you can see the prices quickly add up, making having bit of a haul turning into quite a large splurge! Hopefully one day my wishlist dreams will come true, but for now they’ll sadly have to stay this way. Especially while I’m still taking part in my spending ban!

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