OPI That’s Berry Darling

 It’s no secret that I’m a complete nail varnish addict. If you’ve been a reader of this blog since the beginning all you would have seen is hundreds of blog posts dedicated to nail varnish. I love nail varnish so much that I feel like a part of me is missing if I’m not wearing it, and god forbid I ever attend a social event without painted nails. When it comes to colours I can be rather boring. My friend Sophia actually has a joke about how often I paint my nails a different shade of grey or beige, that’s how attracted to neutral colours I am. Recently I won a giveaway from Becky where I won a bottle of nail varnish from OPI, the nail varnish gods, that wasn’t a varying shade of grey.

The nail varnish in question is called ‘That’s Berry Darling’, and when Becky told me I’d won I wasn’t sure on the shade of it, but had expected it to be dark berry shade so was fairly surprised when it turned out to be a hot pink. I’m not much of a brightly coloured girl, as I’ve mentioned most of my nail varnishes are grey, or I may even paint my nails red if I’m feeling a bit adventurous. But bright hot pink? Well I don’t think I’ve worn something like that since I was 15. Despite that I thought I’d give it a go, and if I really hated it I could always take it off and paint my nails black instead.

When I first applied it I wasn’t used to how bright it was, and kept thinking my nails were going to be really obvious and maybe even a bit garish. But after a few hours I found myself getting used to the bold shade, and even starting to admire it. Now a few days later I’m completely in love with the shade, and I’ve even had several compliments on my nails. Maybe I should wear bright colours more often.

I think this is a shade I’ll be wearing a lot more, and I might even venture in purchasing more bright shades in the future! What do you think of this shade? Would it be a nail varnish you’d wear, or you more of neutral lover like me?

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