New Years Eve Nails

This year for New Years Eve I didn’t have any massive plans, but opted for a night in with a couple of close friends and my boyfriend for a few drinks and a couple of games of monopoly. Despite not having a huge night out planned I decided that my nails of course needed a beautiful design. I was going to attempt to do some nail art, but thought what’s more New Year’s Eve’ey than glitter! Although when I was digging through my nail varnish box I found that I have very little in the glitter polish department. Still wanting a bit of sparkle I raided my mums nail varnish collection, which was very much full of pinks and glitter. I decided to try out this one from Models Own called Boogie Nights, which instantly caught my eye as its made up of pink, purple and blue flecks.

I painted my nails with a base colour of purple and then put over a coat of Boogie Nights. I was instantly amazed at just how sparkly and glittery it was! And once I put my Seche Vite top coat over the top, they were then super shiny. I really like this combination and I’m even tempted to try it out with a matte top coat. It’s a great combination for a party, or New Years!

Hope you all had a good New Years!

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